Midnight Muse

Murphy’s Law

Anything that could go wrong will go wrong. Not entirely befitting, but close enough to call life a ‘mop and bucket’. You start off, out of the package, completely brand new. Eager to get to work, to make a difference, and get the job done. How naive. Out of the box we love unconditionally, love ecstatically, and hold no reserve towards strangers. For now lets call those strangers simply ‘others’. The connotations for ‘stranger’ often leads to negative emotions. However, stranger is simply a term we connect with whom we do not know. We fear what we do not know, therefore expect the worse from what is not known. We initiate LIFE, born fresh, with the nothing but the concept of LOVE which later becomes tainted through social media, common misconceptions, even tainted thought and negative misrepresentations from other people whom we do KNOW. From beginning to end, we only get dirtier and dirtier.

“Children are our future” is a common saying among the older generation with the main emphasis on ‘future’. We want a future, we want a fairly pleasing future, but what are we teaching the children? To judge base on the color of skin? To hate base on the choice of religion? To dismiss the current suffering of the world? To belittle the blue collar industry? Many parents point and tell their children that if they do not go to school and get a decent education, they would most likely become the workforce that ultimately makes the world a decent living place for the rest of us. Without janitors or garbage men, where the hell do you think our trash goes?

Money. The “root of all evil”. You do not measure a man/women by the number of zeros in his or her bank account. The true measure is when you actually take all of the money away and see what is left. Does making all of that money really make you happy? Sure, there are a select few who do give back. Commendable. However, with social media running a muck, is it truly out of the goodness of their heart, or is it a front to justify the actions taken to achieve such a social status?  There are a lot of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ and the question still remains, what are we teaching our birthing generation?

Social media dictating what is beautiful and what is not. Negative groupthink staining minds, born of hate and dissected families, purging the unconditional love granted from the beginning. Stupidity eradicating creative individuality and spreading insecurity and depression. Why are we letting this happen?

Even our country’s leaders cannot be held accountable. In order for their rule to take effect, they must distract, fool, separate, and disarm. They try to unite through fear and mutual hate instead of love and understanding. Everything on T.V. is bullshit. Every word spoken by our ‘leaders’ is never the whole truth. Why do we insist on electing people who foster the same thought that has lead us to our current status? We have dug ourselves a very very big hole.

We have done some great things but without a change they will be our ONLY great things. Do not be fooled. The path we have chosen does not benefit our FUTURE. Now our children will have to suffer the consequences. It is so easy to stop the hate, to stop the fear, and to stop the suffering. It is simply a CHOICE. I do not know why it is difficult for us to see that, but what I do know is that despite everything, we STILL do have a choice. Just have to make one every single day.

Everything that has happened has gone wrong. Everything that WILL happen does not have to be a result of MURPHY’S LAW.


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