Adventure Time

Mardi Gras, New Orleans


Living in Sin City, you would think body and mind would be already primed for a destructive induldgence of alcohol and drinks of the like. However, New Orleans proved to be an extreme challenge against fighting the allure and aftermath of intoxication. Music, public nudity, dancing and the journey of a thousand bars taking advantage of every single happy hour. Getting lost becomes something coveted and the moments lost through slurred visions, become notches in a belt.

The walk through hell and back, a sure way to bleed the wallet and even shave the shirt off your back. Turmoil painted with smiles and writhing limbs shouting muted groans to the night sky. No other place on earth exists such sinful tastes. One rivals, but as the saying goes, “The grass is always greener on the other side.” What stays in Vegas often transposes in all other aspects.

Forego the routine of a civil lifestyle and live the life meant to be. Be bound not by chains and repetition, but rather by your ever expanding imagination,

The world is universal energy and we are meant to connect with what belongs to it:

‘Borrowed energy always in motion never to remain static, but everlasting and everychanging… Never refuse to take your fill, you will never get a second chance to make a good first impression’

Dance to silent music, drink to whatever intoxicates your soul. Your vessel was never meant to conform but rather dapt to a variety of external stimuli. To get ever closer to self discovery. Never let them mute your moxy.

However, even post the rancor ruckus, the humility and dense culture flooded the air, and swept across our souls like a light breeze. Freshly cooked seafood soothed our clouded heads and healed all mistakes and regrets. Dining was more of an experience sat at the kitchen table. Ater being called upon to gather for supper, but not before prayer to enhance its appreciation. Smells redolent of spices, cajun seasoning, and love only a mother could supply. Taste addiction at first bite. Perfection.

…Bon Apetit…

…A coup de gras…

…raison detre…

Not only did the people flourish with much hospitality, but art too was unselfish. Ranging from the modern militia to moments as old as religion. Search high and low and the journey will surely confront you with New Orleans culture.

Passion for books and art are actually a prerequisite and life is reduced to its most simplest form – Earn your keep, give back, and enjoy your life like it is your last night. With a hubled heart completely arrested in the mardi gras lifestyle, until next time my love…



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