Random and Infinite Like the Chimp


Listen and it just might be heard.

Too many for too long stand obstinate to what is otherwise, obvious, certain, and without sway. The answers not even an earful but something we choose to ignore because the feeling of ill-suited builds mountains we are too lazy to overcome or just simply do not know how to or even where to begin.

Such feeling of insecurity and devolving self evaluation discourages even the most filled hearts; stunting imagination before it has a chance to take flight. However, that feeling of hunger, never being satisfied, always trying to find that fill that will seal that void, is the kind of fire that can never be extinguished. That same mountain, that same obstacle, now something to accomplish.

Every step scraping your bones, begging the relief of still inaction. There is no glory without sacrifice and the human body is es ever so resilient to even the most physically taxing endeavors. The greatest pain however, is not one that drips thick, but rather it is the internal conflicts that fissure the mind and soul.

Red is the color of love AND death

One exists because of the constant beating and the other, the ultimate resolution.

Beat to prove life, die only when you have had enough

Let my beating heart be proof that pain is not temporary but everlasting. How could you ever confirm the existence of life without the affirmation of pain?

Image result for scratch art tree

“Pain is as temporary as the leaves in autumn, but likewise inevitable to sprout as in the spring. But no one thought the tree to witness tragedy endless. It is only as lively when it is shaded



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