Adventure Time

Virgina – D.C. – New York


Our latest family trip that did not disappoint. Aside from the frigid temperatures and fast pace lifestyle, culture from all corners of the world coexist from day to day routine. First stop was a bit of a drive to D.C. – The Pentagon. 100s of memorials right on the front lawn in remembrance of those who had their lives taken from them…

Innocent lives departing prematurely leaving behind brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, children, family, and friends. The pain still throbbing years later… I could not imagine being on either end of that kind of loss… Heartache only to sleep nightmares forever to wake up to another. That empty feeling of having no prospect on that invevitable oucome, helpless… A constant battle between cursing life’s shitty parts to feed the fire that burn forever… Those scars never heal, they only reopen from time to time when flailing like a petulant child does not reverse time. My heart will never be able to understand that kind of suffering but heart is all I can offer to all those affected eternally.

“Pain and suffering are only the beginning. To endure, walk with bleeding palms while white-knuckling searing metal before the squelch – that takes the endurance of a true survivor”

Next stop – Airforce Memorial. The view overlooking the majority of D.C., one I wish I could see at sunset/sunrise. Yet another pinnacle to those who sacrfice so we can hold on to our privileges. As only a humble civilian, my salute would not mean as much as those currently holding the status you fought and died for, but for what you have done for us I shall hold on to dear and near, just as I hold my heart at our nation’s anthem. No longer here, but never forgotten.

Followed by the Lincoln Memorial. “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle” – Lincoln. Have influence and you can change the world. You cannot climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pocket. And wringing your hands only keeps them from rolling up your sleeves.

At the base of the memorial looking past the water walkway towards the Washington Monument, man is proven capable against any odds. The secret is to always look forward. The Lincoln Memorial facing this sky reaching edifice, travels across a serene waterbed – to me, a physical representation to what we are capable of as long as we continue to not stray from our vision. As long as your mind is at peace with determination and hardwork, the goal achieved is only a matter of time. However, the trail we leave behind should not be revisited only referenced upon. History is only doomed to repeat itself only when we turn 180 degrees from our goal.

Finally, to reach NY via a 4 hour bus ride. Public transportation will always be an adventure. As a proud introvert, the risk of social interaction provides the sort of rush synthetic to ‘life flashing beofre your eyes.’ Saying something wrong, rude, impolite, all blank ammunition misfired because I was too anxious to remember the safety. BUT, practice makes perfect. Also, first time seeing a broadway show – Anastasia. Brought me back to the endless rewinds and plays of VHS tapes. Phenomenal.

Tears in public used to be an indication of lack of self-control and therefore a sign of weakness. However, it is an emotional cathartic moment reserved for true and genuine connection. I have to learn to explore and grow from that. The ability to cry in font of people is in fact an indication of security with oneself. Bucketlist check – cry at a broadway show: done.

Overall 10 out of 5 stars. The people, the vibe, the tempo, all an addiction hard to leave. As cold as it may have been that time of year, I want to jog central park because it is on the way to my favorite coffee shop. To dream a fantasy would be second to NY. I’ll see you when I see you. JD



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