Adventure Time

Zion, UT


Image may contain: sky, outdoor and nature

Base camp – By the South Entrance

A journey alone takes its time to reveal something of great importance. It can be self-discovery or it can be a truth that needed to be realized. An expedition with friends forces multiple perspectives and allows you to recognize the disposition you favor to exude. Some cling on to poisonous habits and reflect those insecurities into the undeserving world and create chaos.

They thrive, they suffer, they nourish pain as if it were a newborn – but they are in a deep laceration of hurt and fractured hope. Adversity is all they know and therefore IS the only way they know how to carry themselves. All it takes is a little isolation with a bit of support also known as: the wonderful outdoors.

As a stark contrast to a suburban lifestyle, it is quite easy to fall victim to its rust of routine and drain for energy. We often forget to disconnect and realign our “chi” to recharge and rejuvenate. A new personal favorite: Zion, Utah. With its interminable cloudy skies bruised with blue, the desire to expand and inflate with this vital energy quickly becomes intoxicating. The dense forest, dimpled geography, and soft earth, the word home attracts new definition..

‘Your home is wherever you choose it to be, but your brick and mortar are whoever you bring along’

Without the sound pollution, without the constant drone of cars, traffic lights, and basic conveniences of technology, you find yourself someplace ethereal and becomes something ephemeral in retrospect. Your soul requires maintenance and in the sudden downbeat of Zion, the off button remains depressed.

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“The Narrows”

Nights by the campfire with a painted backdrop of twinkles, streaking lines, and the soft under glow from the sky nightlight. Time becomes everlasting. The past, present and future dissolve into that piece of candy you want to savor for as long as you can, leaving you to grab another moment as the tiny morsel passes and is consumed.

During the day, a different kind of suit is donned, with only a bottle of water equipped. No schedule to keep, no emails to check, and no suitcase to worry about or content. Just you and the will to conquer the challenges offered by nature. Whether it be wading through water or imprinting your sole into every opportunity of hard and soft earth, your soul will appreciate every ounce of effort. And when the day is through, you retire once again, to the tiny bites granted by the pure and opportunistic darkness.

Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor and nature

“The Narrows”

“Sacrifice your soles for your soul, wandering is only just the beginning”


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