Midnight Muse

Impulsivity ~ Unlimited Opportunity


Image may contain: one or more people

‘Viscaya Museum and Gardens’ Miama, FL

If ever there was

Whatever I could be,

The illusion of choice

to wrap and comfort me.


Whatever I choose

the consequences – each unique

Casting shadows

Only to mimic what I seek.


I tear and gnaw

groping for opportunity

Vainly reaching for purchase,

Trembling to fail and be made a mockery.


Then I fade to mute,

Into a languid state

Frozen staring without intent

shackled by my choice, a limping gait.


Will I ever be free?

When can I just be me?

To live, breathe, exist just naturally?


I tuck myself into a disenchanted slumber

Believing another will never arrive

To awake and rub my eyes in disbelief,

Another shadow ready and alive.


The illusion is broken,

Choice no longer a hall of mirrors

The day will always cast another

There IS room for endless errors.



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