Midnight Muse

Mother’s Day

Image may contain: Jun Jun, JA JE, Jaimee Domingo and Joshua Domingo, people smiling, people standing

Dear Mom,

For life’s ebb and flow, the sway would rock us to sleep.

The only way to refuse that sweet lullaby,

That comfortable caress, that false sense of idle,

Is the strong, solid, mortar, of that which can only be given.

Because of this gift we are able to form our own destiny.

Push forward when life’s cradle smothers with nonsense.

We can see the world beyond restriction,

And strive to conquer the words beyond.


No fear. No weakness. Just immovable strength.

From day one we were taught to love unconditionally,

Walk with purpose – with calloused passion and intent,

To give back what love has granted us and

Gift everything carefully placed in our toolbox.


Love…from day one, from a mother

Who saw no hate, no restraints, only massive potential

The moment our eyes met,

Proof that the stars are not only in the heavens above,

But passed through a generation with eyes as windows.

From day one, we knew no expiration of such devotion

And even past day’s end, we will continue on as tangible evidence

That our hearts radiate our mother

Like heat from a fire. The moment YOU held us,

Is the moment we knew we could hold an entire universe.


Your Son,



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