Adventure Time

Portland, OR


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Portland, OR

The subtle invitation from a warm and bright environment stakes its claim in a community that transcends the vulgarities society dictates. If you wish to truly feel at peace with who you are, embrace the beat of Portland.

Humidity as thick as milk, nature invokes its authority immediately after de-planing. Redolent of orchids, freshly cut grass, perspiration from dancing trees and sun soaked bushes distend their welcoming arms with perverse intent. An immediate longing for hiking becomes carved into your nervous system and every step vibrates life and energy back like echolocation.

Solo travel brings an enormous opportunity to discover acquaintances that might as well have been long lost friendships as the tempo and culture are never a half-step behind your own.

However, even travelling with a group of friends allows the same energy to be amplified. The courage of a group often trumps the bravery of a single man creating a drooling appetite of wanderlust. With its eco-friendly mind set, travelling within Portland is as easy as a taking a few steps and grabbing a bike, train, or bus and isolation can be taken from or taken to.

The day life equals the nightlife. You will never die from thirst as every major street is overrun by bars and happy hours. Seeking a more specific taste in play styles, Portland even offers party themed cruises that take you into the night only to relinquish your leftovers when the heart throbs with intoxication. Even then, the night can blur into morning if you seek everlasting glory coercing time to mingle.

Through and through, most places I have been offer a single element of entertainment that highlights the heart of the place. However, even after decanting the night life and toasting mimosas in the morning, there is no better escape than a favorite book found in a labyrinth of knowledge known as Powell’s Books. With its several floors ranging from cook books, to Ghandi, to sci-fi, and to even a cordoned off section specifically reserved for more expensive tastes; you will find what you seek if you are willing to swim through the nooks and crannies of bookshelf after bookshelf…


In retrospect, the mere freedom of being somewhere completely unknown births curiosity paired with imagination. On the destination of discovery, ever step becomes a memory and every decision thereafter becomes the reward of a lifetime. Soon I will be back – VooDoo Doughnuts and your infamous maple bacon doughnut, you will be mine again.

Adventure Time

Sante Fe (MeowWolf)



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There seems to be something about long drives that fade whatever it is you are dealing with. Whether the ailment be physically taxing or even something imaginatively fictitious – the road you leave behind, soaks and retains like a brand new sponge. The best part of road trips: the company. People spend plenty of time in isolation building, breaking and remodeling, or even burying and starting over trying to find the best versions of themselves. However, the best way to know who you really are is to just take a look at the company you hold. Probably a method more clear than staring at whatever looks back in a mirror. In any case, pick and choose wisely for a 9 hour road trip from Las Vegas, NV to Santa Fe, NM – time is relative so if you choose poorly, 9 hours could end up being an eternity.

What prompted this trip? An adventurous impulse and deep wanderlust for the weird and interesting. We heard about an art installation that was in the developmental stages in Las Vegas called ‘Area 15’. A bit of research revealed that the art installation called ‘MeowWolf’ was the originator and located right here in Santa Fe. Now imagine a broken but coherent mind, mad but with purpose, materialized into a maze full of everything random with possible hidden meanings. That is MeowWolf.

There is no better depiction of such abstract ideology than a visit to this place rampant with creativity, art, and slow tempo appreciating the “Now” with a full heart. If you curiosity had handcuffs and a rabbit hole, the holding cell would be MeowWolf. Kudos to the pioneers of the ever expansive art installation. A hallmark of imagination manifested in a landmark that not only fills with vibrant totems, but also spills with a whole new universe waiting to be explored.

You could map these uncharted waters, but doing so would only limit your possibilities – so to speak. Life was never meant to be contained, but was meant for an incredible longing for fluidity that demands the experience in the response to stimuli – things that grant the opportunity for change. You can remain static or bend what you wish.

It would be real easy to spend the entire day at MeowWolf. The provisions allotted included a bar, a retro arcade, and communal area dedicated for workshops or classes for creative purposes, and even a hidden dance floor where underground artists could be heard and dj’ing. And it is not until you are deep in the maze that you are able to find this dance floor. You must get lost in order to find. How you might ask? Go find out for yourself, a definite must for the bucket list.

The beautiful people I had the pleasure of road tripping to this place had infinitely made the trip even more worth while. Other minds that appreciate the strange and welcome madness by offering a fresh new perspective. Nothing better to amplify the good times with others who are actually having it. You can be that the second this art installation lands in Las Vegas, is the second that we will be revisiting the adventure. With a projected completion year of 2019. This year! I look forward to seeing you guys there!

Where’s a crazy place you have visited recently?

Drink – Ink – Think


Midnight Muse

The Voracious Vagabond


Desire until your heart rubs raw.

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Photo Taken Wandering The Streets of Portland, OR

Passion until everything is calloused.

Forbid any doubt and ungrip any chains restricted to everything and anything.

You do not belong, you never have.

To fit in is to erase all personal legend leaving only a hollow shell.

You were meant to converse the world with endless wander.

Just because you are lost doesn’t mean where you want to be has disappeared, your journey is just to include the occasional absence of light.

Home will always be there with resolve well traveled.